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Art Teacher at Menlo Park Elementary School, NJ

Virtual Museum Trips


Parent’s guide to Museum Trips!

Family Art Challenge!!!

Let’s have some fun! Recreate famous art from your virtual museum trip with your family! Grab what you can from around the house and strike a pose! Include parents and siblings! Click HERE to see some inspirational paintings and more directions! Done? Upload  your pic to this padlet

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*Please monitor your child’s usage, you may want to preview sites and make sure your comfortable with museum content.

Start your virtual field trip, click on an image below



Happy Lunar New Year!


Artist’s; Using the art element SPACE, incorporate at least two of these how to draw images below into a whole new picture. How will you modify size (larger or smaller), it’s placement on the paper, fore/mid/background? Where are these characters, in a restaurant perhaps?  What are they doing? Use your fabulous imagination!!!

Use pencil first, before tracing in sharpie and coloring. (Materials to be used; Plasti-Pastels, and/or colored pencils)