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2019 Poster Contest

“Honoring All Who Served”

Calling all artists K – 12th grade


We hope your holiday season is filled with peace and joy. At Project Help we are working hard to provide support to veterans and their families in need so they too may have a wonderful holiday.

Our 2019 Poster Contest — open to all K – 12 students individually or through their schools – is well underway and we hope you will help spread the word throughout your school.

Please pass this email on to any teachers, administrators or parents who may be interested.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our youngsters to demonstrate their talent and patriotism. Prizes awarded in each category at an April 2019 awards ceremony (including a free meal)!

Contest runs until February 21, 2019, download the details and entry forms now!

Thank you,

Sandy Mitchell

Executive Director, Project Help

Project Help is a New Jersey non-profit organization dedicated to supporting our military veterans in need.

2018 Poster Contest Winners

Project Help

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Youth Art Month Contest

FALL 2017
YAM Poster Design Contest
2018 YAM Poster Design Contest
Entries Due: December 1, 2017
  • Designs must be created by students of current AENJ members
  • Designs must be submitted on 12” by 18” paper, horizontal format.
  • Designs must include the YAM Theme (in bold lettering): BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH ART
  • Design must include the words: New Jersey or NJ
  • Design must be a bold, 2-D, simple, flat-color design for reproduction.
  • No more than three (3) entries per school.
  • Please attach the Design Contest Label/Release Form to all works submitted.
  • Designs must be submitted & received no later than December 1, 2017.
  • Send designs in FLAT PACKAGING to: Kristy Lopez * 1030 Sayre Road South * Union, NJ 07083
  • Click Here for the CONTEST FORM
Celebrate Youth Art Month by participating in the
2018 YAM Design Contest
This year, Sargent Art will provide student and teacher prizes! One overall student winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000 in the form of a check; and the overall winning teacher will receive classroom art supplies worth $1,500 (retail value). As prizes for each of the remaining five categories winners listed above, Sargent Art will provide art supply prizes of $100 (retail value) for each student winner; and an art supply prize of $300 (retail value) will go to the teacher. Sargent Art will also send a Participation Gift to each school. (*In order to receive a participation gift, the school Principal of each participating school must e-mail the following information to Sargent Art: 1. School enrollment number; 2. Number of Art Teachers; and 3. Number of entries submitted to Youth Art Month.*)
Celebrate Youth Art Month by participating in the YAM Design Contest! The Art Educators of New Jersey join other state art organizations to participate in the YAM Design Competition. Six winning entries will be chosen and used to celebrate Youth Art Month in New Jersey. One winning entry will be replicated on the state YAM flag and flown during the 2018 NAEA Conference in Seattle. Other winning entries will be transformed into our state YAM poster, YAM button, YAM billboard, and two YAM invitations.
The six winning entries will be displayed at the NJ State YAM Reception in Trenton onMarch 9, 2018. All other entries will NOT be displayed and will be returned to your local county YAM Chairs.
For more information, you may contact:
AENJ NJ Youth Art Month Co-Chairs:
Kristy Lopez: or Karen Mannino:
Art Educators of New Jersey

JP Steven Artists need your vote!

JP Steven Artists need your vote!


JP Stevens High School Art students need you to VOTE for them for a chance at $50,000 for the Art Department!
Voting is open from April 27 to May 11.
You are allowed to cast ONE vote per region PER DAY until voting ends at 5pm PST on May 11.

Vans Custom Culture is a national high school design competition that aims to raise awareness of diminishing arts education budgets across the country and to help students express their Right To Art.

Vans Custom Culture inspires high school students to embrace creativity through art and design while also showing them how they can channel their creativity into viable artistic careers.

Students were provided four pairs of blank Vans shoes and were challenged to create designs that represent the four themes of the Vans “Off The Wall” lifestyle: action sports, arts, music and local flavor.

We began with a planning session that emphasized the importance of a theme and came up with celebrating New Jersey Diners. Once the theme was determined, we had to figure out how to make action sports, arts, and music fit into the theme. We all used the provided paper templates to plan great designs. With a critique of all the drawings we combined aspects of some and left some as they were, but we were still stuck on one design. The action sports was a little harder because the theme “Diners” led us to roller skating but we knew BMX and Snowboarding type sports was what they would be looking for. Once the ice cream and snowboard connection was made, we were off and running. Using many different media to create the different textures and lights, and black light paint for that neon sign effect, we gave out jobs based on students’ strengths. Mrs. Paolello and Elizabeth gave out assignments and kept everyone on task, Elizabeth and Jessica X. began drawing, sculpting and painting, Chand placed orders on her Amazon Prime account for lights and extra materials as well as painting designs, Alexandra, Yixin, Eunice, Jessica S., Ingrid, Ethan and Angela continued to paint as quickly and accurately as they could in a team. Soon it was all coming together but we were running out of time before spring break. We decided those not going away would come in over the break, but we also wanted to catch up on some sleep. When we arrived at school at 10:30 and put out all the supplies and heated up the glue guns, we no sooner had Sculpey clay in the toaster oven when an announcement rang out that the custodian was setting the alarm in 3 minutes!!!! With no way to find the custodian in time, we pulled out all the plugs and turned off the toaster oven and ran out! Making a plan for getting to school earlier the next day, we went to lunch. Luckily, it went better the next day and we were able to get a lot done. Once back at school with the whole team we were able to complete the shoes and take pictures. Now we were ready to upload the images! Yay, right? No! We were blocked from the website! We all thought, how are we going to do this? After a call to the Vice Principal we found a computer in the library that would let us do it. All frantic, we realize that it’s locked! We ask each other if anyone knew the password. We all look at each other with a blank expression when Elizabeth takes a guess at the password and she is right!!!! What are the odds?!!! We upload or our designs, SUCESSS!!!

Once our designs were completed and FINALLY uploaded, Vans employees and ambassadors selected the Top 50 schools for the public vote taking place right now.

We are so excited that we were selected by Vans as a Top 50 finalist! You can help us make it to the top five by voting for JP Stevens High School from now until May 11 at

This public vote will determine the top five schools that will go on to compete for $50,000 to support the school’s Right To Art movement. You can vote once each day so please VOTE and get your friends to VOTE too!!!

Follow the movement on Instagram @vans.custom.culture and by using the hashtag #RightToArt and #VansCustomCulture

We’ve seen how much Vans Custom Culture helps all of us develop our creativity and teamwork and we really want to make it to LA and WIN that $50,000!